Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catching up a little!

I know, I know, it's getting old!.. How many times can I apologize for having been MIA here.. So I simply won't say anything anymore from now on! If I have time and the mood strikes to blog, I will.. if not, you'll have to wait and hopefully understand that life can get busy! ;)

But now let's dive right in to a few things I want to share with you!
First of all, my cook book collection is growing and I love looking at them in my shelf! :) 

I have 2 more coming in the mail! ^_^

Secondly, as you all know by now, I'm a big bread lover and always looking for a great & easy recipe!
While hunting for a low cal bread machine bread, I found this one and am in heaven! (My kids raved and claimed it looks like from a bakery -they might be a tad biased though when it comes to their mom! ;) )
While it's by no means really healthy with all the amount of white flour, for the first try I wanted to stick to the recipe a 100% and see how it turns out! 
Next time I might try 50/50 and see how it goes!

~* Basic Machine French Bread *~

1/2 cups water, at about 105 degrees 4 cups flour (a flour with at 4 grams protein per serving is best) 1 1/2 teaspoons salt (I use kosher) 2 1/2 teaspoons dry yeast Directions: 1 Add to the bread pan in the order yours needs. 2 For mine it is water first. 3 Then I add half the flour and the salt followed by the rest of the flour and the yeast on top. 4 This will run well on the normal, rapid, and delay start cycles.

I followed Miss Diggy's further instructions as she mentions on the site and it worked amazing! Here's what she writes:

"I made it on the dough cycle, and then took it out, rolled it out into a 15x8 rectangle and then rolled it up on the 15 inch sides. Then I pinched the edges together to be "seamless" and then rolled it back and forth, gently, to taper the ends (bring to almost a point) and then put it on a greased baking sheet with a little cornmeal. I put a few slits in the top about 1/4 inch deep and brushed on a little bit of cold water all over the top of the loaf. Let it rise for another hour and then used 1 egg white to brush over the top of it, and then baked it at 350 for 25-35 minutes (when it was a golden brown and sounded hollow when I thunked it)"

And the result:

I wish I had some 'Caponata' left that I made the other day to eat with it! (Recipe will follow soon; it's very easy!)


  1. That looks way too much like my cookbook shelves, right down to some of the books next to one another.

  2. LOL, that's awesome, Rheyn! I'm glad I'm not the only 'addict'! ;)
    By now I have a few more books, so I should update the pic! ^_^