Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hail Seitan!

 I can't believe I haven't blogged about Seitan yet! (Not that I'm blogging since such a long time already but still.. *lol*)
Anyway, Seitan, also sometimes called 'Wheat meat' [though no vegan I know calls it that, maybe it's more like a description for omnis?] is made from the gluten of wheat.
It can be boiled, baked, steamed.. and once it's cooked also fried.

I've only tried boiling it twice and I can't remember who said it... but it was somewhere online where it was described as 'mock brain'.. and that alone lets me gag a bit!.. The texture was spongy and yes, it really did remind me of a small brain (not that I ever saw a live one thankfully!)...
Needless to say, that method was given up quickly, but that didn't mean that I surrendered!!!

I came across Susan V's (Fat Free Vegan) post about the Seitan Pepperoni and had to try it! [Already a few years ago actually! ;-)]
Since then I've made it every couple of months when the craving hits to actually sink my teeth into something hardy in my sandwich and now that I have another vegan in the family who gets tired of PB&J sandwiches for lunch, I'm hoping we're having more options this way now! :)

One can actually see the red pepper flakes in the slice. Next time I might use a bit less..
It's quite spicy ;-)

Anyway, long story short, here's the recipe 
(all credits go to Susan V. -see link above!)

Seitan 'log' :)

Perfect snack on Triscuit crackers and some Granny Smith apple slices.

Your creation with this style of Seitan is endless!!! Thinly sliced on pizza, cut in strips for stir frys, etc.
The best [for me] is on sandwiches with mustard, some veggies.. yum!

Guten Appetit! =)



  1. Your seitan pepperoni looks really good Val!

    I've made seitan a few times but my last go round failed miserably. It was super heavy and gross. I haven't tried again since that experiment but these pepperoni make me want to give it another shot. Nice!

  2. Thanks, Lee! :)
    It's the only way I really like Seitan. I just don't know if it would freeze well as that log for me alone is quite a lot..