Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cheezcake Bites

Yesterday I realized my Mori-Nu Silken tofu packages were about to expire *eek* and since it's often the case that one suddenly doesn't get such things at the store, I hoarded a few... 6 packs! *blush* 
So now I broke out in a slight panic (ok not really, but almost. I hate wasting food -and money!),  I had to think of doing something with them quick as we're also about to go to Germany in 2 weeks to visit my parents and we'll be staying for 3 weeks! *yay* 
In that time the expiration date of my tofu will be done..

Since I had a big sweet tooth today, I thought back to my first try of a vegan 'cheezcake' (you can find the recipe here ) and revamped it a bit by using lemon zest this time as well as also the real maple syrup and firm tofu and not partly soft.

I made an entire 'pie' dish but then wanted to do more (i.e. using up more of my tofu) and came up with the idea of making individual cupcake sizes!
It worked out perfectly; the recipe above gave me exactly 12 cupcakes!

The crust I've made myself for both, the pie and the cupcakes; instead of vegan butter I used coconut oil, which I love for baking! =)
Mix the crumbs with the softened oil and sugar in a bowl and then split up for the 12 cupcakes! (For the pie form everything goes directly in the form.)


Never mind the Halloween wrapper! *lol*
(That's all I had!)

It tastes sooo good!!! (Of course I had to have 2 and not only one! LOL)


  1. Oh, yum! Seriously. That is one of the few things I would consider for a dessert.

    :-) Marion

  2. Thanks, Marion! =)
    I have yet to calculate the calories etc. per cupcake but I feel good knowing it can't be really 'bad'! ;)

  3. These look so good (and cute)!! I'll take a dozen of these with my next natural soap order ;-) xox

  4. Ha ha, thanks, Christine! =)
    Now I'd only need to know if they actually freeze well.. I still have the pie!..