Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fresh from the baker!.. That would be me! ;)

I seem to be very late to jumping onto the 'Pinterest' wagon.. but let me tell you, I'm totally on it now! *lol* Not only do I find tons of great stuff about vegan dishes (I'm a very visual person, so it helps seeing dishes in 'food porn' style and then getting the recipes to it! ) but also crafting, DIY, fitness, beauty.. you name it!

Long story short, I came across a pic of a beautiful looking loaf of bread that had me instantly drooling! No doubt, I had to try it out immediately and while the recipe called for having a Le Creuset (out of my financial league! -Besides never having needed an item like that before really), I also found out that the original recipe was once printed in the New York Times, which thankfully mentions other options instead of a Le Creuset! *whew* (I was debating if I could either a) bake it in my crockpot [yes, people seem to do that too!] or b) just pour it into a bread form and see what happens.. Neither option was necessary!)
 I  have a Pyrex casserole-y dish that comes with a lid, which I actually have 'inherited' from my mom who had it ever since I can remember being a kid! (My mom loved making different kinds of yummy dishes in them; unfortunately most of them all containing a ton of cheese and ground beef... Nothing I'd ever eat nowadays, obviously.. But maybe I'll try to re-construct some of her recipes vegan friendly! That'd be an idea, huh? ;) )

Anyway, so yes, the Pyrex dish thingy saved me and I just followed the instruction (a little less rising time than the 2 hrs suggested) and it turned out gorgeous if I may say so myself! =)

I only sprayed a bit PAM spray at the bottom of the dish to prevent sticking.
Not sure if it was really necessary, it came right out!

In all its glory! =) 
I truly wish you could smell it!!!

I can't wait til we'll cut into it! (Wanting to wait for Hubby to see it first intact ;) ).
Maybe I should plan my dinner around this beauty of a loaf, huh?.. 
Some sloppy lentils with it would work well! Mmmm..

Ok, I won't tease you any longer, here's the recipe:


Guten Appetit!

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