Monday, April 29, 2013

More power food talk

Just a few more little tidbits about food and its power as well as some easy smoothie 'recipes' ;)


  1. Hi Val! I like almonds far too much(!!!), I found out this week, to put them into my weekly food. I like pumpkin seeds but hate the ones in the bags at the grocery store. My own toasted ones taste a lot better. Broccoli and I don't agree, digestive-wise. I eat a lot of plain oatmeal--nearly every day. I should eat avocados more because they are so yum!

    :-) Marion

  2. Marion,
    I hear you about loving almonds too much! LOL If I don't count them out in a serving, I'd find my hand in the bag much too often! ;) I order a lot of my nuts & seeds from, they have a lot of stuff I can't find locally (easily) and it's convenient! ;)

    Oh and yes, broccoli is a tough one, I can't eat it raw and never include it in my smoothies! Now cooked I love it! :) Avocados *are* yum, aren't they!? I just recently 'discovered' them and love them!!!