Monday, September 2, 2013

Just in time for this year's MoFo....

I know, I know... I've been MIA for far too long! *sigh* [By now I feel I don't even need to bother to apologize anymore.. Those of you who're still reading this blog (anybody even out there or is it just me, holding a conversation with myself? *lol*) probably know by now better not to count on regular blog postings by me! :p

Anyway... while I'm not officially participating in this year's vegan MoFo, I feel it's time for me to dust off my apron and start cooking & baking more again! [Life has finally calmed down a bit; the kiddos started school and everyone is getting into the groove again! -Oh yeah, and by now we've increased the number of our fur babies to 4! :D I'll share some pics later on!]

Sooo... let's start with 2 of my recent ultimate success recipes!!!
The first one I came across on another vegan blog and just tweaked it a tiny bit (I used coconut oil instead of vegan butter and put the dough flattened in a 9" pan, baked on 400 F for 30 min. Came out perfect! I also used frozen strawberries as that's all I had on hands thanks to great prices at BJ's ;)), you can find the recipe here Strawberry Lemon Scones

I've made this recipe 3x so far already, with omni company (MIL) being a tester as well and raving about it!

Next hit was the 'Cinnamon-pull-apart-bread' that I've never heard of before!!! Apparently it's cinnamon bun's cousin and I didn't know about it! @_@ (After being married to an American for almost 13 years now, you'd think this info would have come across my little bubble...) Well... better late than never, so here it is, the original recipe can be found if you follow this link Pull-apart-cinnamon-bread
All I've done differently was the fact that I prepped the dough the night before, stored it in the fridge and then baked it the next day. Oh and instead of eggs I used Ener-G egg replacer as well as almond milk instead of cow milk.
(I'm ashamed to admit the loaf was gone within a few hours... :o Hubby & I nearly killed half of it before the kids even came home from school..) It is seriously TDF!!!

In my gluttony I never even made it to take a pic of a single piece (of several slices bunched together) on a plate... Next time, I promise!!! ;)

Ok, and now last not least a pic of our new kitties...  

Cosmo, our black 'tiger' and Pixie our tortie girl. We got them when they're 10 weeks old (they're 14 weeks now) and they're just a wonderful addition to our family! <3>
Rest assured you'll get to see plenty of more kitty pics in the near future! =)


  1. I want to make that pull apart bread so badly! But I guess it has to wait until October.

    1. I admire your strong will power to wait til October! I have such a bad sweet tooth, it happened that I've started baking in the late evening after stumbling upon a tempting blog post! LOL