Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Great sites and German pancakes

Let's first start off with the cool websites I wanted to share with you!
There's many, many more, of course, but since I've decided to get back into meal planning (slowly.. I'm not 100% there yet again... Babysteps! ;) ), these immediately came to mind:

Another great one is Kathy Hester's site, 

If you're a cookbook lover (err.. addict) like me, this one will be quite awesome to use as well:

And speaking of slow cookers, I absolutely love my pressure cooker!!! I think it's my most-used kitchen item (after the Vitamix ;) ).
So that being said, I came across this website and found it quite helpful! (I have a short list in my Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure -which is an awesome book, by the way! [I should cook more out of it, now that I mention it...]):

Now off to talk about my German pancakes! :)

Ironically enough they're also called 'Eierkuchen' in some regions in Germany, which means literally 'egg cakes', so having veganized it seems a bit like a paradox but it works well! (I haven't had German pancakes ever since I've become vegan ~3 years ago and while they lack the eggy taste [naturally], I have to say I really liked them a lot! )

I got inspired to make them the other day after coming across 2 different blog posts about crepes as well as the 'Top 10 Pancakes', one of the latter being described as Swedish pancakes, which are pretty much the same as German if you ask me! ;) [All I did was add 1 tsp of baking powder to the mix..- not sure if it's really necessary or not-.. and increased the flour amount to ~2 cups; 1/2 c chickpea flour and the other 1.5 c white AP and added 2 Tbsp oil and added ~ 2 1/4 c of home made coconut milk until the batter was nice and thin.]

This is how we did it in Germany, spreading some jam on it and having a bit of apple sauce on the side.
You can however make this dish savory too by adding herbs and mushrooms etc. (Just like you would with a French crepe! ;) )
My grandmother used to make a typical southern Germany soup with pancake leftovers, called 'Flaedle Suppe', for which you simply cut the pancakes in small strips and put them in a clear broth kind of soup. Simple but delicious! Unfortunately we didn't have any leftovers from this batch! LOL

You can find the recipe through here:
but also in Isa's Vegan with a Venegeance (Easy vegan crepes)!

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