Friday, September 6, 2013

Epic fail!

I think we've all been there..., standing for hours (or at least it seems like that!) in the kitchen, prepping and cooking or baking... only to have a major let-down when the dish, we so lovingly created, ends up being an epic fail!!! :(

 I had this happen yesterday with my German 'Donauwelle', which I've been craving ever since reading about it on Mihl's blog Seitan is my motor .
 I remembered having come across a recipe in Attila Hildmann's book 'Vegan for fun' (available on US Amazon as well -beware of the awkward size of 11.2 x 9.6" though! [I didn't know that when I bought it while visiting in Germany last year and was quite disappointed of that format!] Just as an FYI! The pics look great and recipes sound yummy though!) a while ago as well, so I dug that one out yesterday and gave it a try, thinking it'd be a nice cake to have for an afternoon coffee with my MIL!

Well.... it went from something looking like this...
 (prior to putting in the oven!) this @_@

Nothing nearly as nice looking as Mihl's version or Mr. Hildmann's!
I've had that gut feeling when it took the dish out of the oven yesterday that it looked kinda 'off', but still continued going through the motions, adding the pudding on top, melting the chocolate for the glaze (which was a major PITA on its own if you ask me! -first time I tried it on top of a wobbly pudding layer)... only to realize this morning that it's really not gonna work! :/ The texture of the dough was more dense (can you say play-doh!..) and Hubby, who's usually the brave one and kindly eating everything I put in front of him, admitted that he's really not digging it! *sigh*
Soo... into the trash it went and some (non-vegan) baked treats were bought for MIL, Hubby & the kids! [I just didn't feel the baking vibe after this, I was too bummed!]

Let's hope the next dish will be better again! In the future I'll certainly try my luck again (maybe better follow Mihl's recipe next time? ;) ) but for now I'll stick to quick & easy baking dishes I think! :p


  1. On, no. I am so sorry! At first I thought you used my recipe. Now I am super relieved. I think I tried that recipe years ago, when it was avalable on the internet. I had a lot of problems with the pudding layer, too. That is basically why I use coconut oil. You can always pop the cake with the pudding layer in the fridge and it hardens fast so you don't have to spread the chocolate on that wobbly mess.

  2. Ha ha, no, it wasn't your recipe, no worries! ;)
    I actually used coconut oil too but made the pudding with an American boxed version and used accidentally soy milk, which resulted in the pudding not firming up as much as it should! :/
    I will remember to put the cake with the pudding layer in the fridge though, thanks for the hint!!!

  3. How is the American boxed version different from a German one?

  4. It's already containing sugar. I'd have to have a German packet available to compare the ingredients to be able to say more. The taste is definitely different and *if* I had the choice, I'd personally prefer Dr.Oetker kind! ;)