Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's pizza time!

Seriously, I love pizza!!! =) 
Back in my vegetarian time I would have sworn I'd need cheese on top.. but now that I'm (finally) vegan, I've tried a few versions of home made 'pizza cheez' and thought it wasn't bad, I have to say I'm not even missing it anymore! ;)
Give me enough veggies to put on top and in combo with a nice dough, I'm happy!

Tonight's home made pizza was extraordinaire!!! No, really, it was a mega hit! (Hubby gets all the credits this time as he did all the work; all I did was put the ingredients for the dough in the bread machine and set it on 'dough cycle'! *lol*)

While I've posted a recipe for a pizza dough once, I'm going to share yet another one with you all. It's actually the one that came with my former (Zojirushi) bread machine and we've always loved that one the best! [But beware, it's using all white bread flour, so it's not necessarily truly healthy... I have yet to convince my family that even a 50/50 version can taste good!..*sigh*..]

 First of all a teaser pic so you know what I'm talking about! =)

Now to the making of this deliciousness...

For the dough you'll need as follows:

 *1.5 c water
*1.5 Tbsp olive oil
*3.75 c bread flour
*1.5 Tbsp sugar
*1.5 tsp salt
*2 tsp rapid rise years (or 1.5 tsp active dry)

Put all ingredients into your bread machine and set it on the 'dough' cycle. (Mine takes 1.5 hrs)

Once it's done, take the dough out and work it on a flat surface with some flour spread out so it doesn't stick too much.

When it's reached the desired thickness and form, put it on a sheet which has been dusted with some corn meal prior to it in order to prevent the pizza from sticking.
[I like to roll the edges in from my pizza so it forms a nice crust around but that's entirely up to your own liking.]

Put the sheet in the pre-heated oven (450 F) for ~5 minutes! You only want to prepare the dough a little bit before 'decorating' it with the 'real deal'! ;)

Once the 5 minutes are over, drizzle some EVOO around the edges (and/or all over the pizza if you like) and sprinkle some kosher coarse salt on.
Next comes the pizza sauce! [Today I was lazy and used a bottled one.. but of course it tastes better if you actually use home made one!] 
Last not least cover the pizza with everything your heart desires!!! =)
[We had sun dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts fresh from the market + sauteed onions, yellow peppers as well as some banana peppers -which we both loooove!!!]

Again into the oven for ~10 minutes and voila, your Veggie Deluxe Pizza is done! :D
Buon Appetito!

With food like this I have no sense of portion control *lol* (well.. kinda..) and due to the saltiness of the sun dried tomatoes I'm sure I'll be dealing with water retention tomorrow... but it was well worth it! LOL


Afterwards I felt like Tommy... absolutely content! <3

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