Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back in Sicily!

Hi everyone!
Not sure if you've missed me, but I'm back with my family from our Germany vacation and very glad to be home again! =)
We had an awesome time, but towards the end I was eager to get back to my own 4 walls and my kitchen 'kingdom'! ;-)
(While we're in Germany I didn't cook much, to be honest, I mostly ventured into   stuff I've read about on German vegan forums and was curious to try; such as different spreads, veggie 'deli' stuff, smoked tofu etc. and of course I enjoyed tons and tons of a big variety of rolls and different breads! ;) )
We went to see many places and also visited a sanctuary farm, called Gut Aiderbichl. (There's also one in Salzburg, Austria). It was nice and very touching hearing/reading about the stories of all the animals; cows, pigs, etc. 
The only sad thing I personally found though was the fact that they offered only a vegetarian, but not a vegan, menu!.. I even asked about it and got rather confused looks as if wondering why I'm asking!.. Some people still don't make the connection even though they might actually work at a place with rescued farm animals!..*sigh*
Anyway.. they also had a cat house, which of course as a cat lover I absolutely loved!!! =) I would have taken all of them with me if I could!!! :D

This one was a particularly cuddly cat who got really attached to us, especially to our son, so cute! (He called her 'Ninja Garfield' because she was -obviously- quite round and as everyone knows, all Ninjas are black! *lol*)

There were many more cats and the cat rooms were awesome, I'll have to post a separate entry with pics once I've edited and resized them all! ;)


Anyway.. it's good to be back! Now I only need to find my 'groove' back and get a weekly menu ready again! =)