Friday, February 22, 2013

Tracy Anderson moves

I just thought for those who don't have any DVDs of Tracy ( YouTube has quite a few free segments though, just sayin'.. ;-) ) but are interested, here's some of her workouts on paper! =)

Monday, February 4, 2013

More fitness talk

Since I'm not cooking much new stuff these days (trying to clean out the pantry as well as the freezer and pretty much focusing on easy & quick dishes), I guess I'll just talk a little bit more about fitness for now! ;-)

I think I've mentioned that I'm into barre these days but have failed to mention my love to Tracy Anderson! Especially her Mat Workout is awesome!!! (It's very barre-like!)
To be honest, I didn't try any of her workouts all these years before because I always shied away from her 'teeny tiny' talk, being unsure if it might trigger something deep inside of me again, considering I've battled an ED from my teenage years onwards until I got pregnant with my first child!..

Long story short, I found the entire workout free online and gave it a try and loved it! I didn't feel Tracy was talking a lot about getting 'teeny tiny' limbs, but mentally told myself already beforehand that I simply would tune that kind of stuff out! ;)
I think the important fact is that I'm able to distance myself enough from any instructor and their looks nowadays and remind myself that I can only improve how *I* look and shouldn't ever strive to try looking like Tracy, Jillian or any other famous instructor out there! 
Besides the fact that most are probably working out 10x harder than what they claim to do in order to promote their own workouts, many also have 'work' done, so the flat abs aren't necessarily from only doing their exercises but had a little help from a surgeon! ;-)

Anyway.. I'm straying away from the original subject here a bit, sorry!
TA's Mat workout is a great workout to start with if you're unsure about TA's style; she cues more than in any other following workouts and the music is also very motivating to me!

Here's the unweighted standing arm segment  
(You can find all parts of the Mat Workout actually on YouTube ;) )

I've come across a few of her other workouts and tried her 'Bootcamp' sequence #1 which is featured in her book ' Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method . I don't have the book (yet :p) but found the video online as well and gave it a try. I definitely won't be able to do 40 reps right off the bet, but already 20-25 reps are intense! ;)

Other than TA I really enjoy P57 right now; Physique 57 that is!
You can get both volumes on Amazon P57 Vol.1 Vol.2 
and they actually have monthly challenges too.
This one the current one for February.

Here is a little preview:

I'll post a few more video previews and talk about other barre workouts in the future, but for now I gave you enough to think about! Did I enable you maybe to get one? ;-)