Sunday, March 25, 2012

My weekly challenge... to pick a cookbook for the next week's menu plan!
I'll be honest, to this day I'm struggling with coming up with a full menu sometimes as I just feel soo overwhelmed by the choices of my cookbooks, which I cherish each and every one!!! (And you can't even see my 3 big Din A4 folders full with printed recipes from other bloggers & websites! *lol*)

The past 2 weeks I've been using Lindsay's Happy Herbivore to cook and bake from; this week I'm picking...
I don't know yet! I'll have to think about it! LOL
You'll see once I start posting recipes again! ;-)
[Tonight we had Isa's chickpea cutlets *yum*-which a very good online friend of mine and fellow blogger of Additive-Free Eats and I decided on both making 'together' today =) - so maybe I'll stick with a vegan classic, the Veganomicon...]

I'll keep you all posted! ^_^


  1. You can do it!! :) It's about that time for me to start making my menu plan again too!

    I feel SO terrible, I completely forgot about our chickpea cutlet pact!! I didn't even end up making dinner last night since we had a lot for lunch. I'm sorry!! Forgive me???

    Thanks for the blog shout out! :)

  2. See, I'm envious that you can even plan a full *month* in advance!!! LOL
    No worries about the chickpea cutlet 'pact' *lol*, it's all good! ;)

  3. Hi Val! Are you still picking a new cookbook every week? Sounds like fun.

  4. Hey Lee! :)
    Yes, I'm trying at least! Right now I'm picking recipes from 'Vegan Vittles'. It's the only way I can finally get more use out of all my book collection instead of only admiring them! LOL