Friday, March 23, 2012

TGIF! Time for a burger and a beer!

After having dealt with a sick kiddo who got a nasty stomach bug yesterday (gotta love those calls from school right in the middle of a sweaty workout! *lol*, followed by a rushed shower and in the end driving back home with a vomiting kid true Exorcist-style *shudder*),I'll admit, I'm glad it's Friday today! Evening for us here in Europe.. for those of you in the US and other parts in the world still daytime (or actually already early Saturday morning! ;) ).

Thankfully my Gremlin #2 felt better today and kept every liquid and food down, so tonight we actually had 'regular' dinner!
I made Lindsay's black bean burger (similar like this Black Bean Burger recipe on her siteand it was a success with Hubby, which is always a good sign! ;-)
The kids had chik'n nuggets and some tater tots and everyone was happy!


Wishing everyone a nice weekend! 

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