Monday, October 1, 2012

A little update again & Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Alright, by now you probably know that my posts come and go in phases *lol*, I wanted to update with a few pics what I've been cooking these past weeks (err.. months).
Today is World Vegetarian Day *yay*, so what better day than today to start again!? :)

After having quit smoking (finally!) last November (yes, I'm soon coming up to a 1 year smoke free anniversary yay*), I've admittedly turned a bit more to food and as a result gained ~3-4 lbs. It's still fine, I'm not upset or anything (ok, maybe I was a teeny tiny bit in the beginning, just from my vanity point of view and how I liked the lower number on the scale better..-l'm sure every woman can relate, right!? ;) ) but I know I'm much healthier now and since I still fit in all my skinny jeans, I guess it's all good! ') Nevertheless I still wanted to shift my focus a bit more back on a bit low fat cooking again and started using Isa's 'Appetite for Reduction ' and  Quick and easy low cal vegan comfort food
I've cooked from other books as well and just tried to modify the fat content a bit.
I didn't take a lot of pics unfortunately, but I vow to be better from now on! ;) 

Delicious Fettucini Alfredo from Tamasin's American Vegan Kitchen, alternated a bit since I had no white wine but still very delicious!!! 

Amazing chowder from Isa's AFR

Just my own quick creation; green beans mixed with sun dried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, roasted in the oven for a while

Another winner from Isa's AFR

Isa's baked tofu (also AFR) for lunch *yum*

That's actually from a recipe taken from the VegWeb

Low fat comfort food 

Another winner from Isa's AFR




  1. Wow, this all looks great!! I wish you'd make the pictures "large" instead of medium, though. I want to drool with less clicking, LOL.

  2. Thanks! :) Your wish is my command! ;) I changed it to 'large' (never paid attention to that option before *oops*)