Saturday, October 20, 2012

Plant milk

I think I might have mentioned it over a year ago when I was trying to make my own plant milk for the first time. I think, back then it was oat milk, which to this day I enjoy (maybe not necessarily for plain drinking but for my cereal).

This time I experimented with a few different kinds of items and have to say: 
I am NOT a hemp seeds lover! *blech* As a matter of fact, I think the experiment for that particular kind of 'milk' (plus a previous failed attempt to make 'hemp seed sour cream' *double blech* from a recipe..) turned me off hemp seeds completely!!! *yuck* I want to scrape my tongue off the nasty taste just thinking of it!..

I mean, I was hesitant to bake with it anyway as my husband is quite cautious of the outcome of a screening, which the military members have to undergo randomly several times a year... (even though all online sources say it's fine, his doc said it would be probably safer just to avoid it as even a large amount of ingested poppy seeds can pop you positive! *wow*) but now I'm for sure not going to make anything with it! I'm only glad it wasn't that expensive!..
[Ironically just today Dreena Burton from Plant Powered Kitchen  posted something about the benefits of hemp seeds! *lol* Maybe I'll give it another try in other recipes? Do I dare to use it in my oatmeal?.. *hmm* {If you happen to have a great recipe with those darn seeds, please share! Maybe it'll change my mind!? You never know!..} ]

Hmm... Seeing all those benefits makes me *really* think I should give it another try!..

On to more positive results, I fell in *love* with coconut milk!!!
And it's so easy!!!

~* Coconut milk *~

*4 c hot water (not boiling!)
*1 c unsweetened dried coconut 
*1 tsp vanilla flavoring (optional)
*Stevia or any other natural sweetener 

Put water & dried coconut in a blender and let it sit for 1-2 hours!
Once the time is up, blend it for a good time, including the vanilla and if wanted some sweetener of your choice.
Afterwards strain it through a nut bag or cheese cloth and keep the milk in a container in the fridge where it'll be good for at least 3-4 days!

I actually saved the 'pulp' and am not quite sure yet what to do with it!.. After all, it's coconut, so maybe I'll just make some cookies tomorrow (it's the time of the month again where I'm automatically craving to bake more! LOL)...


~* Oat milk *~

*1/2 c oatmeal
*3 c water
*1 tsp vanilla flavoring (optional)
*Stevia or any other natural sweetener

Put the oatmeal with the water in the blender and let it sit for ~20 minutes. (Not longer as the oatmeal becomes quite slimey otherwise!)
Blend it for a good few minutes, add the vanilla (if wanted) and sweetener and strain through a nut bag or cheese cloth.
Keep the 'milk' in a container in the fridge where it'll be good for 3-4 days.

I do NOT use those kinds of milk for my coffee! I find them somehow too watery! But it's of course just my personal taste! ;)


My next try will be to make almond milk, though I might wait until we're back in the US and I can get them cheaper in bulk!.. Here they're a bit too expensive.. plus, my blender is absolute 'crappola' and would probably die in the attempt to grind the almonds! LOL


  1. You know...I've never tried hemp seed milk...not up for blech though...I make my own soy and almond milk...and I have an awesome recipe for cashew wishes with your milk making...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Well, maybe because I tried that 'hemp sour cream' recipe first, I was already very apprehensive. It does have a nutty taste so maybe you'd like it? I certainly don't want to ruin it for you! ;)
    I'm curious to hear about the cashew creamer though and almond milk! I'll have to check your blog! :)

    Have a great day yourself! =)