Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I love soups! I could eat them every day, seriously!
Thankfully my husband is the same way, so we have soup quite often in our house, especially now that it's starting to get cooler outside. (Well, here in Sicily not quite yet, but hopefully soon!..)

The other day I had some cabbage left over from making Dr. Fuhrmann's Cabbage Salad (which is delicious, by the way!!!) and decided to make cabbage soupI remembered having seen a recipe for it on Susan's site over on Fat Free VeganI didn't follow it to a 'T' but more or less and it turned out awesome!

The best thing about that kind of soup is: If you're watching your waistline or possibly even want to lose a few pounds, with this one you don't have to worry! It's low in calories yet full of good stuff so you can actually eat a healthy portion (yes, even have seconds!) and not sweat it! ;) 

I will certainly post more soup recipes more often from now on! :)

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