Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I've come across a great recipe, shared by another fellow member of my Goodreads vegan cooking group (thanks again, 'Blueberries'! :) ) and had to give it a try right away! 
It is de-li-cious!!!

I've made a few modifications (replacing the real egg with Ener-G; also using only ~1 c of white raisins and I used vanilla chai tea -mixing it all on that very day, not letting it soak overnight!) and baked it for only 1 hour, covered with tin foil.
Oh, I also didn't have lemon peel but used Valencia orange peel (dried) instead.

Here's the original recipe: Irish Tea Brack

 After reading that the round form is more traditional, I went with it and it turned out perfect!

 It's truly a great mix between a soft sponge cake and bread!!!

Of course, at this time of the year a pumpkin pie has to be made as well! ;)
I used Lindsay's (Happy Herbivore) recipe and it turned out perfect!
I whipped up some coconut cream quickly (I've posted about it here: Coconut cream ) and it was the ideal combo!!! (Sorry no pic, the family was like a bunch of hyenas, all wanting a piece of pie, no time for pics! LOL)


Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!
Be safe! (Especially if you're on the East Coast! Thinking of you all and hoping hurricane Sandy will be gone soon!!!)


  1. Val, Love EVERYTHING on your Halloween post!

  2. I like that jack o'lantern pic - no ghouls! Lovely looking bread and pie.