Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bread again! Sourdough rolls and more!

2 posts in 1 night, why not, right!? ;)
Ok, let's first start with the long-promised sourdough roll recipe!

To begin you need to have a sourdough starter, of course, for which I by now use mostly this Sourdough starter recipe (when I need to start a new batch, my starter lives in the fridge and gets 'fed' every week since quite a while now). 

[In case you've noticed, I haven't mentioned any of my German Sourdough breads lately... That's because I've lost my 'chi' for making them! Believe it or not, but ever since we came back from our Germany trip in May, I failed miserably making my German style sourdough rye breads and all! I don't know what's up with that..  But either way, I still got the bread baking love and this works just as well for me! ]

Once you have the sourdough starter, this is the recipe I've come up with for the breadmachine:

~* Sourdough Wheat rolls *~ 
(Makes 12 rolls)

*200 ml (3/4 c) warm water
* 250 g (1 c) sourdough starter
*1.5 tsp salt
*410 g (3 3/4 c) bread flour(I use half bread flour, half wheat)
*1.5 tsp active yeast

Put everything into your breadmachine pan according to the company's instruction (usually it's water first, then flour, etc.) and set it on dough setting.
Meanwhile preheat the oven to 350 F.
Once the dough is ready (my machine takes 1.5 hrs), take it out and form 12 equal (or more or less) sized balls.
Place them in a lightly greased (I use spray) pan and let them rest/rise for a good hour until they increased in size.
Bake the rolls for ~20 minutes.
Once they're ready, take them out of the tray (so they don't 'sweat'!) and let them cool on a cookie rack.
Cover with a towel or other linen cloth until ready to eat! ;)
[I always freeze half the batch and just take them out the morning when I know we'll have soup for dinner that night!]

Guten Appetit! ^_^

Edit to add: You can also use the recipe and simply bake a bread in the machine or make a loaf and bake that in the oven! I just prefer making rolls as it's automatic portion control! ;)

 About to rest & rise...

 Done & baked :)

The other day I came across a great bread recipe Amber from Almost Vegan blogged about. It's originally from the book 'The Urban Vegan' (another book I have yet to add to my collection! ;) ) and I was happy to give it a try -even though I'm not the biggest olive fan.. but Hubby is and he loved it!

You can find the recipe here Olive-Rosemary bread

It didn't work for me to leave it as a round 'ball' shape.. (I think it's because of the olives I used [a friend of Hubby gave them to us; his family has some olive trees and makes their own oil etc.] )so I simply put it in the bread form and it worked just as well! ;)

Edit to add:

I didn't have spelt flour but used 2 c whole wheat & 1 c bread flour (+ ~3/4 c more while kneading).
Also I put everything in my bread machine and let it mix on the dough cycle. (Yes, I'm lazy! *lol* No, in my defense, I just don't have a machine that has a dough hook! My dream for a KitchenAid mixer has yet to be fulfilled!.. Maybe once we're moved and settled into our new house!)

I'll certainly play around with that recipe again and see if I can even use cranberries  or raisins! 

Have fun baking!

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