Friday, September 13, 2013

Zucchini noodles and a great song!

A few weeks ago I got a spiralizer after someone on my veg Goodreads group recommended it to me (thanks again, Don! :) ) and after having read Isa's recipe the other day on her PPK blog (here Zucchini noodles ), I just had to try it tonight! :)
Hubby was skeptical when he heard the 'noodles' would be raw (he thought I'd steam them after being spiralized) but then thankfully took the first bite and loved it! Ha! (Don't you just love when that happens! *big grin*)

Anyway... here's my dish in all it's glory... The sauce was plenty so I have some leftover for whatever tomorrow, yay!

The song I'd like to share is one I just learned about yesterday and have to say I'm totally in love with it! The group is German and I find it pretty awesome!


  1. The only way I've ever eaten zucchini noodles was with spaghetti sauce. I really should try a new sauce with them. :D

    1. Maybe! ;) If you like the peanut buttery taste with some spicy kick, Isa's sauce will be something for you! ;)

  2. Oh, cool. Where in Germany are they from?

  3. Actually, I have no clue! :o I was only so excited to see a great German group! lol