Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally, I did it!

Yes, finally I've cut out the last remaining 1% that caused me to say I'm not fully vegan! (Using honey in my tea and having used creamer in my coffee.. which both I'll miss a bit initially.. but I'll get over it! It's worth it, considering the cause, of course!)

I've gotten in touch with the manager of the supermarket on base here (luckily I know him personally) and he's trying to find out if they can also get soy or any other plant based creamer as well as yogurt!  *yay*
Not that I'm wanting to eat soy-heavy, but at least having something in my coffee (plain soy or almond milk somehow doesn't work for me..) and being able to eat a 'yogurt' if the craving hits would be nice! ;)

Anyway.. I just had to share! I'm happy about finally committing fully without giving a crap what others (family included..) might think!

I wonder if Hubby would think this would be too extreme as a tattoo!? *lol*

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