Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding anniversary

My husband did me the biggest favor and went with me to a *vegan* restaurant for our 10th anniversary (together since 11 :) ) last weekend.

I had found it through a website called
and was sooo excited to see there are 2 vegan restaurants in Catania, which is only half an hour drive from where we live! [Not that I'm driving there as the Italians drive way too crazy for my liking anyway and in those tiny streets and tons of roundabouts.. no thanks! Hubby is the designated driver! *g*]

What can I say? It was amazing!!!
And best of all, Hubby loved the food too! *yay*

Beautiful indoor garden setting

Starter: veggie 'spring rolls' with spicy sauce

Hubby's dish, Penne with creamy sauce.
Very yummy! DH kept raving about how unbelievably creamy it is! :)

My dish: Tempeh (my 1st)
Sooo good!!!

Dessert =)
Mine was Pistachio and almond with lots of chunks!

And since there was a cat with her kittens, of course I had to share some of my Tempeh! ;)

 They were sooo cute, but unfortunately very shy! This was the best shot I got from them eating!


Overall we had a great evening out, fantastic food and will be back soon for sure! ;)

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