Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A little bit more about me

My journey to live a veg*n lifestyle started ~6 yrs. ago for ethical reasons, though to be honest, I've always had trouble thinking of the poor animal when I ate meat, even as a kid!..
Finally, many years later, reading "The Skinny Bitch" gave me the last push and I was done! (I've tried watching a few Youtube videos like 'If slaughterhouses had glass walls' and 'Earthlings' but honestly couldn't bear watching more than 1-2 minutes max!.. Already written describtions haunt me for a long time and make me sob like a baby!)

Unfortunately I'm the only veg*n in my family.. but thankfully everything I cook (mainly vegan) gets eaten, so I guess I can't complain! :)
Once my kids are older and understand my reasoning behind my action, I hope they will follow my footsteps!
The reason I say I'm 'veg*n' is because I can't say I'm 100% vegan, yet it's also not directly 100% vegetarian as I do eat mainly vegan.. so, in case you wondered what's up with the asterix.. now you know! :)


I'm a stay-at-home-mom and love being in the 'domestic goddess' role!  
I love cooking & baking and trying new recipes; baking bread is another complete passion of mine! The smell of fresh baked bread is just something very comforting, isn't it!?
(It hasn't always been that way for me, loving food. For many years in my teenage years I've suffered from an ED, which I overcame by myself and with help of my husband who introduced me to the principles of 'clean eating' and also an entire different aspect of fitness!
Now, almost 11 years later I can finally say I'm at a point in my life where I'm happy with myself and truly enjoy food and the process of cooking & baking!)

Aside from cooking/baking, another big part of my life is fitness, as I just mentioned above.
It started out with going to the gym together with my husband and then later, after our first child was born, I turned to homevideos (back then it was all VHS tapes *lol*) and now, ~10 years later I'm still using my fitness DVDs, working out at home every day and loving it! I seriously can't imagine ever *not* moving/working out anymore!
Oh and I might have a 'slight' addiction when it comes to fitness DVDs as I have quite a collection (~250 DVDs -and that's not even that bad! I know others with way over 500!). The good thing though is, I'm using them all! ;-)
On a forum I frequent, we're calling ourselves 'vidiots' and it expresses pretty much what we are! -I don't expect you to understand me! Unless you are one of us? *lol*

Anyway.. when I'm not exercising or cooking/baking, I'm most likely reading! I'm seriously addicted to books and have ~300 in my shelf waiting to be read! [Not to mention my big veg cookbook collection and still wanting more! *lol*]
Sites like PBS (paperbackswap) really helped me out over the past years getting my 'fix' in books and honestly, I've never met such kind people like I have on PBS (and on my videofitness site)!!!!

I probably also spend a bit too much time online, surfing the next for new veg*n recipes and admirering other people's blogs with all those beautiful pictures of food! (I know, I myself can't compete with that, but I might still add a pic here and there! ;-) )
Anyway, that's it for now about me. I'm sure over time I'll ad this or that little extra tidbit of information about myself. ;)

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