Friday, September 9, 2011

She's doing it again!

I'm talking about Mt. Etna. ;-)
She (the Italians refer to her as a 'she') is actively huffing and puffing ever since the big(ger) eruption in January this year.

I have to say it looks pretty impressive and I love the view of Mt. Etna every day, but at the same time I'm happy that we're a little bit further away so we're pretty safe! 
Oh, we still get plenty of ash raining down in those cases, thank you very much, and even when it's just 'normal' rain, it's mostly brown water that leaves your cars all dirty! It's a big PITA (not the food! I mean Pain In The ...)
Over all the air isn't very clean thanks to Mrs. Etna constantly breathing out small clouds of ash, even if it's sometimes invisible to the human eye!
Not to talk about the issues people with asthma get due to that or contact wearers. I for myself hardly wear mine for that very reason!

But aside all that.. it's still cool! Here are a few more pics for you to see 'her' in all her active glory!

And this was yesterday, the view from our street.

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