Friday, September 30, 2011

It's time for .... Eggplant!

It's eggplant season here in Bella Italia and I've been cooking a few great dishes already so far.
Baba Ghanoush (Middle Eastern eggplant tahini dip), Eggplant Lentil Ragout
and Eggplant 'cutlets' prepped for tomorrow! ;)

Recipes will follow as well as more pics once I've taken them! =)

They might not look 'spotless' like from some supermarket, but these are local from the market, which makes it even better IMO!

Doesn't it look as if it's a face? Winking eye and all.. 
[Or maybe I stood too long in the kitchen? *lol*]

Minkus having his first encounter with an eggplant! ;-)

 And of course I couldn't only cook stuff.. I had the baking bug too! =)

So good! I had to put a restraining order on my kids to not go near the fridge within a 1 mile radius! ^_^


  1. Val, I simply ADORE eggplant! I'm always looking for new and delicious ways to cook it. Please share any recipes with me if you have favourites! I will be eternally grateful!

  2. Lee, I will do my best! ;)
    If you check out my older post about the home made pasta sauce you will find a nice addition of eggplant! ;)

    Also simple 'cutlets' (cut round ~1" thick) fried in a little bit of olive oil and spiced with garlic & onion powder (I was lazy and wanted it done quick LOL) is a very nice alternative to put on a sandwich or slice of bread. I've added a bit of minced sundried tomatoes and it was amazing! (Eggplant cooked just doesn't photograph nicely as it turns brown and looks kinda "blah")