Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another cupcake, another pumpkin! :)

I've made these cupcakes twice already and can't believe I've missed to blog about them!!! They are soo good, you'll love them!
They're Isa Chandra's Pumpkin Pie Brownie recipe, just adapted into cupcakes. =)

 Now have a look at how they turned out and tell me you're not drooling! *lol*


After! ;-)

I couldn't tell you the nutritional value right now, I have to do the math..
But I'd say if you have 2 (you can't stand on one leg! *lol*) you'll be fine!
It's a fairly healthy treat compared to what else is out there for Halloween!

Guten Appetit! =)


  1. These look delicious, and it was inspired of you to turn this recipe into cupcakes!

  2. Thanks, Lisa!
    I'm on a cupcake trip right now! lol