Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dinner rolls with a twist

 I absolutely love bread in any form! (Carbs in general actually; pasta, pizza, potatoes.. bring it on! *lol*) There's nothing better than the smell and taste of a fresh baked bread or roll. ;-) 

In my vegetarian days I found a recipe for dinner rolls that were absolutely delicious! (Well.. I probably wouldn't think so now anymore due to the heavy butter taste.. But aside from that they were nice and fluffy and just yummy!) 
Since having become a vegan I never attempted to make them again but was thinking I should try one day!..
Sure enough, Vegan Dad already came up with an awesome recipe which I had to try ASAP! (He's got tons of other great recipes!!!) 

I cut the amount in half as I didn't need so many rolls but left the original recipe intact otherwise. They tasted amazing!!! Soft and fluffy... seriously, who needs eggs and butter!?

If you'd like the recipe, please just follow my link by clicking on 'Vegan Dad'! =)

Credits go to Vegan Dad
[Clearly my rolls aren't as beautiful looking as his *blush*, but the taste was great none the less!]


Waiting for a treat! =)
-And yes, believe it or not, Tommy [on the right] actually eats bread, rolls, chickpeas and any other kind of bean! He's not a normal cat! *lol*


  1. Yum! I understand - I am also a 'breadoholic'! Your kitties are so cute! My cat is vegan - she won't eat any kind of meat except tuna. We've tried everything, every way. Her favourite kibbles are vet approved veagn kibbles. She is not a normal cat either.

  2. Emmy,
    Thank you! Lucky you for your cat not eating meat! Mine is actually also quite picky but won't eat fresh fish (like flounder) or anything else one can buy frozen.. I hate buying the cans and knowing it's crap food...

    thank you! They were delicious! :)

  3. Adorable cats, and a very smart not normal cat to love all that good food.

    Those rolls look delicious, though the cats are more adorable.

  4. Thank you, Lisa! :)
    I'm always amused by what Tommy tries out! He's our special cat from the beginning we got him. He was hurt on his tail (dog bite) when he came to us for help and when he was already living with us but still going outdoors, he went missing for 1 day. My husband and daughter found him badly injured under a car and I honestly didn't think he'd make it!!! Since then he has the left hind leg kinda dislocated when he sits (it doesn't seem to cause him pain though!). Needless to say, since then he's also a strict indoor cat -though he does try to escape sometimes! ;)