Friday, October 14, 2011

Vino Italiano and other impressions

I accompanied my 1st grader on a class trip today to a vinyard/farm, so this post won't contain any recipes but just a few pictures I wanted to share. :)
The kids got to stomp some grapes themselves, which they had a lot of fun doing, of course.

I didn't ask if the wine from the vinyard is actually vegan...
To be honest, I didn't want to stick out more than I felt I already did (a bit) after having mentioned to a few other moms that I'm vegan...[On a positive note though, the reaction I got was quite positive!]
I won't go into the farm part, containing chickens, geese and a few goats.. Let's just say they didn't look very happy...


This actually made me laugh; only in Italy do you get to see that kind of
food pyramid! *lol*
[The kids got each a piece of plastic food that they were asked to put in the proper category, which a few still mixed up, as you can see. ;-) ]

Loooove the colors!!!
It's like a little piece of foliage that we otherwise don't get here in Sicily!

My kind of food! ;-)

And just in case you wonder, what it is in the round 'windows'...

To my question, why they are there: "It's art!"
Ok then... ;-)


I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures!
The next blog post will be about my cooked food, including recipes again! :)


  1. The fresh veggies look beautiful! And those shoes in the round windows??? Interesting art pieces!

  2. Don't they!? I don't know why people tend to think we're being deprived! ;)
    I agree on you about the shoes in the window! LOL