Thursday, October 13, 2011

Comfort food!

What's the first dish that comes to your mind when you hear 'Comfort food'?
Mine is Mac 'n Cheese, hands down! Which is funny, considering I never even heard of it until 11 years ago when I met my husband and he introduced me to it! (Back then it was the Kraft box kind.. and I couldn't understand how anyone could like this chemically tasting stuff! *lol*) 
Since then we have moved away from the box kind, thankfully, and after having had the vegetarian version many times [until I became vegan], I now finally dared to venture out and find vegan recipes for my Nr.1 Comfort food! =)

I've tried quite a few and probably will always be up for testing out new/other ones, but Susan Voisin (another great woman known to most of us in the vegan world, from Fat Free Vegan) has got me hooked on her recipe!!!

I added just a little bit more vegan margarine for my personal taste, together with a good whirl of fresh black pepper and veggie salt.
I could eat this easily 3x per week! ;-)

Thank you, Susan, for sharing this recipe with the rest of us!


Wanna tell me what's your comfort food? I'm all ears, especially if it's vegan! :)


  1. I haven't tried her recipe yet and I adore macaroni and cheese! For me, pasta of all types is comfort food and I make it a few times a week. Two of my favourite sauces are the Hurry up Alfredo from Vegan Yumyum and a red sauce I make with eggplant, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and sometimes veggie sausage.

  2. Lee,
    I agree with you about the pasta being comfort food! I really have to get myself some cashews and make the Hurry up Alfredo sauce you girls have been talking about on GR! It sounds great!
    Your red sauce sounds nice too! I've only tried it with eggplant (typical Sicilian) but know I would love the other veggies in it too!