Thursday, October 6, 2011

When in doubt...

... and I'm not in a good mood, feeling kinda blah and every little thing aggravates me quickly (PMSing maybe?), baking is my solution! 
It soothes my nerves, it calms me down!
It might not necessarily be the best for my waistline.. but then again, thankfully I do like to work out (most of the time at least ;) ) so I seem to keep everything in balance. *lol*

Today was one of those days where I knew, I just had to turn the oven on and get busy! It's still hot here in Sicily (well, at least warmer than some of you might have it already) and while the AC is blasting cool air, I'm still sweating in the kitchen, whipping and blending... and I feel the stress leaving me! ;)

I won't know the outcome of my making yet; it's a vegan cheesecake which recipe I've come across on one of the blogs (again!) and I'm very curious how it'll turn out! 
When I told Hubby about it right after finding the recipe, I got a very skeptical look from him, saying "Tofu in a cheesecake?" and made his typical "this should be interesting!" face.. (Gotta love the confidence of a loved one, huh?.. LOL)
Of course it doesn't help that I totally 'tanked' a recipe last night, also using tofu as a 'cheesy sauce'.. It was a potato broccoli casserole with the said sauce spread on top and let me just say this: If someone doesn't like the taste of nutritional yeast, he/she won't like that sauce!..*sigh*

Anyway.. I just felt like blogging about it already.. the pics will have to come later, once the cheesecake has cooled down and possibly tested already.. (I'm suddenly a bit nervous! LOL)

Stand by for the recipe & pic! =)
For now this will have to do - It always cheers me up, to see my cuddly kitties!  

Both are Sicilian. Tommy (or Thomaso) on the left is ~ 3 years old and since a little over 2 years with us, Minkus on the right is just 6 months old and with us since he's ~6 weeks old! You'd think they're brothers they way they are together!
Aren't they precious!?! 

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